Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gaps and Silences

Gaps and silences are essential in a world beset by information proliferation. Our sense of self is spread too thin across Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Flickr. We are constantly contesting in a reality show, performing to an imagined virtual audience. Wisecracks, one-liners, personal existential statements which are of no significance to anyone else--anything for "five minutes of immortality". It’s the enduring charm of the published word, now played out as conversations in virtual space.

No wonder we consider simulations and games as high-value propositions today. It is not just because of their complexity or engagement factors but because they reflect contemporary life (where we've mastered the art of role-playing) far better than traditional media.


Anonymous Poornima said...

Good one Anil :-) The post summarizes how I feel about the update messages on all the social networking sites. And I really liked it, cos it put into words, what I have been feeling all along.

11:13 AM  
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Blogger Anil P said...

We have the choice to look away when we need 'gaps and silences' and return when we don't.

To many the networking extends their 'reach', at least that's what they feel when they start out.

And then they're those who're playing out their businesses, collaborations on these networks. The utility factor.

All sense of self eventually comes from acceptance - of self, of opinions, of likes, of dislikes, etc.

It is for validation of the above we will continue flocking to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Flickr.

And somewhere along the way we will have learned something, even if it meant turning over many 'garbage' bins for some value.

1:25 AM  

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